Transformers and Hard Drives

Believe it or not, you could never own and use your hard drive if society had not invented and made use of the transformer. Transformers work when you’re dealing in the realms of AC or alternating current, the kind of current generally used by power plants to create and distribute electrical energy. Let’s take a closer look.

transformer2Transformers work in conjunction with the concept of mutual induction, which states that two or more coils of wire can be placed in such a way that changing the magnetic field created by one induces a voltage in the other. That means if you have two mutually inductive coils and one is energized with AC, an AC voltage will be created in the other coil. The device by which this is done is called a transformer.

Transformers are used not only to create voltage in new coils but to adjust the voltage in the second coil in whatever way is convenient. The voltage produced in the secondary coil is always equal to the AC voltage across the powered coil multiplied by the ratio of secondary coil turns to primary coil turns. If the secondary coil is powering a load (like a light or a motor), the current through the secondary coil will be the opposite and the primary coil current multiplied by the ratio of the primary to secondary turns will apply. Often this process is explained with a mechanical analogy in which torque and speed are meant to represent voltage and current, respectively:

Imagine that a transformer is to coils with different currents and voltages as a geartrain is to gears of different sizes moving at different speeds. Speed multiplication gear trains steps torque down and speed up. Step-down transformers step voltage down and current up.

This might be a good time to be reminded of the difference between voltage and current. Voltage is the difference in charge between two points. Current is the rate at which charge is flowing. If charge were water, voltage would be the water pressure and current would be the rate at which the water flowed.

transformer 3So say the primary coil has less turns than the secondary coil; the transformer will then step up the voltage from the source level to a higher level at the load.

Transformers can step only AC voltage up or down; the process doesn’t work with direct currents. If you’re trying to transmit electrical power over long distances, it’s much more efficient to do so with stepped-up voltages and stepped-down currents because you can use smaller-diameter wire with less resistive power losses. That’s why alternating current is almost always used by power providers for easier shipping to industry, business, or private consumer use.

That means that the factory that made your hard drive used AC power that was able to be carried to the facility through use of a transformer. The same goes for the electricity that you use to run your computer in the first place. Without transformers, your hard drive would cease to be.


The Debate Around Data Encryption

Whether your data exists in the cloud or on a hard drive, investing in its encryption has probably crossed your mind. As terrorism continues to scar the global climate, the ability of consumers to encrypt their data has become a matter of political debate; some officials believe that consumer encryption presents a substantial threat to national security, while privacy advocates strive to further limit the ability of the government to pry through citizens’ personal information without a warrant.

paris attacksThe tragic attacks on Paris last Friday have only further fueled the topic; CIA director John Brennan stated that he hoped the violence would serve as “a wakeup call” to those who oppose government surveillance in favor of personal privacy. He continued, “There are a lot of technological capabilities that are available right now that make it exceptionally difficult both technically as well as legally for intelligence securities to have the insight that they need to uncover [important public safety information].”

Brennan blamed Edward Snowden’s disclosures of the National Security Agency’s bulk data collection for what he believes to be a recently heightened insecurity within the U.S. and global climates: “There have been some policy and legal and other actions that make our ability, collectively, internationally, to find these terrorists much more challenging.”

FBI director James Comey also claims that encryption is a national security threat, claiming that it enables criminals to “go dark.”

This debate gains speed as the 2016 primary debates continue to unfold, forcing candidates to identify their positions in a very new-age problem.

Most of the Republican candidates have already taken a side and let it be known; the common consensus among G.O.P. members is that a consumer’s right to data encryption is trumped by the societal value of government surveillance.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is the exception to the rule, as he stated last week that governments should have to require warrants to access people’s communications. His statements responding directly to encryption are pending (a relevant distinction to make given that encrypted information is extremely difficult to access, even with a warrant).

Democratic candidates have slightly more variant opinions. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has been outspoken regarding his opposition to government surveillance and voiced his intention to shut down the NSA’s surveillance program at the first Democratic primary debate.

hillary clintonFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a less clearly outlined opinion; she supported the controversial PATRIOT Act in 2001 and more recently claimed that the recently passed Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) did not adequately encourage tech companies to share information with the US government. Conversely, she endorsed the USA Freedom Act, which would end the NSA’s bulk data collection program, and applauded its ability “to protect our security and civil liberties.”

Clinton freely admits that the encryption/cybersecurity issue is “a classic hard choice.”

“I would be the first to say I don’t have an answer,” she said. “I think there are really strong, legitimate arguments on both sides.”

The issue may boil down to the amount of trust US citizens have in their government; they have to guess whether the government will protect them or oppress them with the power of their private information.

Lost Data Can Be Retrieved By Calling In The Experts In Action

When the files on the hard disk are being regularly used, there are possibilities for them to go corrupted. There are many ways in which such data loss can happen. For instance, the users may have been browsing when a virus, worm or the Trojan would have gotten into the disk. This would corrupt the files and the folders. Once corrupted, either the files may not show up or even if shown in the folders, they would become totally inaccessible.

hardrive1Even if there are liquid spills on the computing devices, there are chances that the droplets get into the hard drives and harm the data completely. There are so many other reasons for the files to get lost, such as in the case of accidental deletion. When the users get to press shift that is followed by delete key, then the files would get lost permanently, at least in their perception.

However, with the experts rendering hard drive recovery service, it is possible for them to retrieve even these data in the proper manner. Even though the persons may use shift and delete keys to ensure that they do not have the deleted files go to the recycle bin, these can be recovered with the right software tools and the knowledge of how best to handle them. The hard drives may also be affected by the power surges or the drops.

Data is vital:

Regardless of whether the entities are individuals or companies, they procure the computer and use the same to manage their data. With the right management information systems, the companies can be taken to different levels of the commercial activities. So many transactions are captured digitally and will be stored in the computers’ hard drive or other memory spaces that the users instruct their systems.

When the data is lost to the various circumstances, then the persons would be in huge trouble in managing the various activities that they are involved in. Therefore, it is necessary for the persons to not get disheartened about the data based accidents. To ensure that the show continues without a break, it is necessary for them to recover the data and store them back to where they belong.

harddrive2Recovery and restoration:

There are various data recovery services that are provided to them by the experts who are aware of the processes and have tools as well. It is possible for them to even recover the deleted files that are not present in any of the areas inside the system. However, one would have to realize that hundred per cent of data cannot be restored and it can be done only once to get back the files. There are two ways of data recovery, which could be logical or physical in nature, both of which can be done by those who have enough experience and expertise in dealing with such contingencies. With the right amount of knowledge and the efficiency of the tools administered, it is easy for the persons to get back their data.