Let the Hyperloop Wars Begin

In San Francisco the hyperloop wars are on. On Monday, a crowd sourced enterprise which is led by NASA and Boeing veterans called hyperloop transportation tech announced it had licences a passive magnetic levitation technology which powers its pro type system. The human moving shuttle is going to be able to travel at a whopping speed of 750 mph. How fast is zipping from Los Angeles to San Francisco would take about 30 minutes as compared to a six hour drive or an all day train ride. Everywhere you look technology is solving age old problems in the market. 44

Think about that, you could work in San Francisco live in Los Angeles and jet over to Santa Cruz for lunch. This is going to really change the way we travel and interact and do business, in a much greener manner.

This comes as an announcement just  two days prior to their rival Hyperloop technologies inc, plans to showcase the evolution of its technology to investors and media in the desert north of Las Vegas. On their website, Hyperloop Technologies also features photos and videos showing off their very large tubes that could have the potential to house their long pods for both people and cargo. Both of these companies are based in Los Angeles.

This is the next major leap in technology because it offers people the opportunity to move people and things at great speeds and distances without using any fossil fuels. In fact it is all electric, and the electricity it does use is almost entirely self sufficient with its own systems and solar grid that rides along top of the hyperloop.

rr“From a safety aspect, the system has huge advantages, levitation occurs purely through movement, therefore if any type of power failure occurs, Hyperloop pods would continue to levitate and only after reaching minimal speeds touch the ground” says Bibop Gresta.

This is all happening very fast when you consider that it was only in 2013 that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk introduced this concept into the nations consciousness in response to his criticism of California’s ambition to make a high speed rail system to connect norther California and southern California. He thought the idea of the kind of high speed rail we were proposing was antiquated and that we should be going for the moon shot of what was up until now largely believed to be science fiction. Today science fiction is science non-fiction and these beauties are coming off the pages and into the dreams of the American public. In 2015 HTT said it would install its hyperloop tech in a proposed 75,000 resident solar powered city in Quay Valley California. This is halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. In February, HTT CEO Dirk Hyman said that it was in the works with Slovakian government about possibly building a hyperloop route in the former Eastern Bloc nation.

If America can get this done, and make a viable cost effective option then it will make the first time in long while that we were the avant-garde in terms of world transportation technologies. The rest is silence.