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After 5 Years, Spyware Finally Spotted

Online security software developer Symantec announced the firm’s discovery of an extremely sophisticated and persistent threat that had been functioned unnoticed by security researchers for over five years. The Kapersky Lab also caught on to the bug’s existence and announced their discoveries separately. A recently discovered group called “Strider” has apparently been using an advanced […]

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What is Integrated Information Theory?

Integrated Information Theory, also called IIT, is a theory posited by psychiatrist and neuroscientist Giulio Tononi in 2004. With the idea, Tononi hoped to explain what consciousness is and why it might be associated with certain physical systems like those found in the brain. Since its initial publishing, IIT has been developed for over a […]

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Did Brexit Raise Tech Prices?

In wake of the Brexit vote, US-based computer manufacturer Dell and Chinese smartphone company OnePlus both raised the prices of their products sold in the UK. Both manufacturers cited the country’s recent vote to leave the EU as the reason behind the change in price. While these companies may be the first to raise their […]

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Technologists Rejoice at Healing Ozone Hole

While technology often creates products that in turn create problems, technology can also offer solutions to those problems. Researchers may have recently found the first clear sign that a thinning ozone layer over Antarctica is beginning to heal, likely as a result of environmentally friendly legislation passed thirty years prior. According to the scientists involved, […]

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Tech Firms On Trial for Paris Attacks

The father of one of the women killed in the Paris attacks in November has brought litigation against a variety of tech firms, holding businesses like Google, Facebook and Twitter responsible for providing “material support” to the violent extremists. According to Reynaldo Gonzalez, the tech firms “knowingly permitted” the Islamic State group, called “ISIS” in […]


Dark Web Targets Twitter Users

It’s recently been revealed that data has been stolen from over 32 million Twitter users and offered for sale on the dark web for 10 bitcoin, a joint price of about US$5,800. LeakedSource made the sale public and added the account and email information to its searchable repository of credentials that have become compromised. Apparently […]


Let the Hyperloop Wars Begin

In San Francisco the hyperloop wars are on. On Monday, a crowd sourced enterprise which is led by NASA and Boeing veterans called hyperloop transportation tech announced it had licences a passive magnetic levitation technology which powers its pro type system. The human moving shuttle is going to be able to travel at a whopping […]


Tech Creates Solutions for the Housing Crisis

If you’re from the San Francisco Bay Area, you might be more likely to blame big tech for housing crises than see tech companies like Google and Wikipedia as a potential source of the solution. However, with the development of WikiHouse, both may be true. WikiHouse is a new technological development and brainchild of Alastiar […]


Microsoft Goes Back to the Drawing Boards Amid PR Nightmare.

A single day after Microsoft brought its innocent artificial intelligence chat robot to twitter it had to be deleted in the wake of a PR nightmare. In a single day the open mind that was geared for learning a adapting to peoples interactions with it obviously went extremely dark and reflected the heart of darkness […]


Germany Investigates Facebook’s Data Protocol

Yesterday the German Cartel Office announced the launch of an examination of allegations regarding Facebook’s alleged abuse of its market position. According to some accusers, Facebook infringed Germany’s data protection regulations in terms of rules regarding service governing¬†user data. The investigation targets Facebook Inc. USA, which is the company’s Irish subsidiary, as well as Facebook […]